Upcoming Events

February 2022

  • Play reading with The Frank Silvera Writers Workshop

  • Live Poetry Show

  • Ramon Flowers Assistant Professor at Butler University

  • Professor at New York University The Richard  Wesley Project

March 2022

We will celebrate by honoring spectacular and powerful women. Each week we will focus on three different women to elevate

  • Past: Women who have broken barriers and paved the way for the rest of us to follow

  • Present: Women who are presently in power and making big moves on a national level 

  • Future: Women who are boldly setting a new narrative for our tomorrow

Still Life with a Guitar
Woman with Freckles

April 2022

4 talks around the African Diaspora. 


We will present one conversation a week targeting different demographics of the African Diaspora, to provoke further conversations and understanding

Talks with artists and activists

  • How do we consider what black is? 

  • What is their definition and experience being black?

May 2022


This will be a thrilling and unique exhibition of art created by presently and formally incarcerated individuals with the purpose of raising funds with another nonprofit affiliate that supports arts in prison